Economic Citizenship By Investment Programs

Qualify for Second Citizenship – with New Passports for You and Your family – through investment in Luxury Real Estate in the idyllic island paradises of: Federation of St Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, Antigua & Barbuda, and The Commonwealth of Dominica.
Welcome to the World’s Only Up-To-Date Database of Investment Properties that Qualify You for Citizenship. Here is how we can help you:
  • Browse online our extensive selection of Citizenship by Investment qualifying properties.
  • Research and suggest properties that meet your or your clients’ requirements.
  • Arrange property sales and viewings.
  • Chauffeur and escort clients throughout their property viewing on the island of their choice.
  • Provide unbiased advice regarding buying property and obtaining citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua, Dominica and Grenada.
  • Offer independent legal referrals
  • Get the best possible deal for our clients by negotiating with sellers and developers.
  • Provide a comprehensive after-sales service by liaising with all parties involved.
  • Provide regular status updates to clients on their property purchase.
  • Provide advice and support on all aspects of living in Caribbean.
  • Serve clients in major world languages including Russian, Mandarin and Arabic
The Easy Citizenship by Investment process:
  • 1. Select Property, sign provisional contract
  • 2. Obtain Government approval
  • 3. Complete Property Purchase
  • 4. Receive Naturalization Certificate and new Passports
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Economic Citizenship By Investment Programs

If you are looking for the highest quality citizenship by investment programs then you have come to the right place. There are many good reasons why you should make an application for a second citizenship programme and if you haven’t downloaded our free guide “Freedom And Security Through Second Citizenship” yet then you can do that here.

In this high quality report you will learn the real reasons why you should make an investment for citizenship, the options for second citizenship, the only countries that you should consider for a citizenship investment program and the insider lowdown on each one, how to avoid citizenship scams and so much more! You will also receive our “Second Citizenship” newsletter where we will keep you up to date with all that is happening in the world of economic citizenship. Get your free report today.

What Is Economic Citizenship?

For the simplest economic citizenship definition (also known as second citizenship) it is where you agree to make an investment in a country (usually through the purchase of real estate) and in return the government of that country will grant you a citizenship after they have successfully conducted a background check. The media commonly refers to this as “how to buy citizenship programs” or “investment immigration” and in a way this is true. The programs are aimed at high net worth individuals who are looking to protect themselves and their families from any oppressive moves made by their home government, enjoy tax benefits and to participate in offshore investments and business opportunities that would not be possible from their home countries.

Why Citizenship By Investment From Us?

When you are choosing an immigrant by investor program you need to ensure that it is legitimate and that the company has qualified and experienced agents in the countries that are offering investment citizenship. Unfortunately there are many second citizenship scams on the Internet that will promise you second passports for you and your family and then just take your money and run.

We have helped hundreds of clients obtain second citizenship and we have 20 years of experience with investor immigration and have licensed agents operating in all of the countries that offer citizenship through investment.

Whether you are looking for the cheapest citizenship by investment program or are looking for a luxury seven figure villa in an idyllic setting that will qualify you for immigration investment we can help you. We can offer you many real estate options that qualify you for citizen by investment and can advise you on the most suitable country to meet your requirements.

Start your economic citizenship journey today by contacting us here. You will never regret holding a second citizenship and all of the freedom and security that it offers you and your family.